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Rediscover baking

Kenwood dedicates its KVC85.004SI Titanium Chef Baker food processor to all the enthusiastic home bakers who want to express their creativity freely. At first glance, the device impresses with its elegant design, very solid workmanship and versatile accessories. As is usual with high-quality food processors, this is equipped with a planetary stirring system: it generates a counter-rotating movement with two axes, which precisely records the entire contents of the bowl. In the patisserie, a careful approach to dough production is a prerequisite for the perfect result. That is why the infinitely variable soft start and the gentle fold-in function are central elements. From mousse to poppy seed cake, everything becomes magnifique!

Machen Sie es sich einfach mal einfach

Just make it easy for yourself

Because the KVC85.004SI Titanium Chef Baker Stand Mixer comes with a built-in scale, you can add everything directly to the bowl. This saves a lot of manual work when tidying up and washing up and also saves space. If you add the ingredients one after the other, the display can be reset to zero again and again using the tare function. Now you can put the powerful 1200 watt motor into operation with a soft start and the stirring process increases gently and cleanly – without any splashes. The power is definitely designed for many people and produces cream or protein foam in seconds. This allows the Chef Baker Stand Mixer to keep up with your pace, whether it’s making a cake for the kindergarten, a themed cake for the party or just pizza for everyone.

Tolles Zubehör als Sahnehäubchen

Great accessory as icing on the cake

The accessories not only look classy, ​​they are. Even the two stainless steel mixing bowls that fit into one another are a feast for the eyes. With a capacity of 5 and 3.5 liters, large quantities can also be processed. A three-part patisserie set supports you with your baked goods with professional technology. Whisk, a K-beater for fine dough and the kneading hook are included. There is also a soft flexible attachment that can be used to smooth melted chocolate, for example. After use, simply put the accessories in the dishwasher and enjoy your masterpiece.
Incidentally, the accessories can be expanded so that your KVC85.004SI Titanium Chef Baker food processor offers many more exciting options. On to new recipes!